The world is a complex, noisy place. People and information move at breakneck speed, lines are blurred and answers are always elusive. How do you capture the right information and research? How do you develop a message that cuts through the clutter and resonates with your target market?

In order to craft programs that deliver maximum marketing impact, everything we undertake — from the most basic brochure to the most sophisticated campaign — must adhere to our three core principles.


Businesses tend to complicate matters rather than simplify them. Since simple ideas are understood faster than complicated ones, we’ll separate the noise from the substance and find the perfect solution to get your message across. It may sound easy, but it takes intense focus, discipline and creativity to refine a large volume of information into a simple, brilliant idea that captivates your target audience.


Is that website or advertising campaign thoroughly thought out? Are all the angles covered? Does it provide the best impact for the money? It’s not the right solution until we can answer “yes” to these questions. We go to great lengths to make sure your hard earned budget dollars are used in the most intelligent, cost-effective manner. Our unique mix of smart thinking and fresh creative assures your success.


Competition in the marketplace is brutal, and one mistake can cost you thousands. That’s why all marketing efforts are worthless without an effective, deeply thought out strategy. Before we execute anything, we take a hard look at the competitive landscape in order to develop an effective strategy that exploits opportunities, elevates your brand and delivers results. We have the strategic vision to help you succeed.

From our clients…

“cgp•creative worked very closely with us to develop a brand identity that set us apart from our competitors. They did a remarkable job. There’s simply no one more dependable, reliable and consistently creative.”

— Woodwrights Wide Plank Floors